Solutions to keep you focused on your mission

Routine administrative task should not get in the way of your organization's mission. With ECCA Payroll+, you get the solutions you need to care for your employees while you go about taking care of your community.


Employee Self-Service

Increase engagement with your employees by providing them access to their own information using the MyStack app. You can simplify your payroll processing by having your employees enroll in paperless payroll.



Simplify your workforce management with an easy-to-use scheduling solution. By creating templates that match job requirements and employee availability, your scheduling becomes much more efficient.



Help reduce your HR expenses and save money by switching to ECCA Payroll+. In addition, ECCA Payroll+ has the expertise to handle your tax exempt status and to file your local, state, and federal taxes.


Working towards a common goal

With Learning Management System, you gain complete training and tracking capabilities to ensure you maintain a safe work environment for your staff. From the administrator dashboard, you can verify that each member of your team is completing the required courses.

To further your employees' development, you can take advantage of Performance Management. This makes the goals you set out for your staff more transparent, enabling supervisors and employees to work together towards a common goal.

Build Your HR Stack

By making the switch to ECCA Payroll+, you get the HR stack that you need to streamline many administrative tasks. With your own employees taken care of, you can focus your attention on your organization's greater mission.

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