Performance Management

Performance Management

Build your workforce up for success

With Performance Management from ECCA Payroll+, you get an essential tool to further your employees’ development and to increase their engagement with your company.

Help your employees reach their potential

With Performance Management, you can use the appraisal process to maintain regular contact with your employees. This communication plays a pivotal part in your employees’ growth. By making the review process online, goals and expectations become more visible leading to better engagement.

Performance Management for employees

Give your supervisors the tools for success

With quick access to both appraisals and goals, your supervisors become better equipped to coach any employee in real-time. With this key information in hand, you enable your supervisors to work more closely with their team and to help them along in their development.

Visualize your employees' progress

By adding Performance Management to your HR Stack, you can greatly streamline your appraisal process. Automatic notifications help guide each party through the process. This ensures due dates are met and completed in the proper order. By having all reviews in the same location, you can ensure applicants are being accurately rated in comparison to other employees in similar positions.

Performance Management Features

Transparent solution enabling your employees and supervisors to set goals.

Electronic signatures of all reviews are stored with the employee record.

Create your own set of competencies with an assigned scoring weight.

Customize review process for each job position.

Defined workflows streamline and standardize the appraisal process.

Ease the burden of appraisals with a paperless solution.

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