Benefits Administration


Integrate your payroll with a wide range of benefit providers.

Your benefits become easily accessible with ECCA Payroll+. With an intuitive and streamlined solution, ECCA Payroll+ reduces your administrative overhead and makes benefit enrollment effortless for your employees.

Employee Enrollment

ECCA Payroll+ helps ease the stress of enrollment by presenting your employees with a clear and intuitive solution. During your open enrollment period, an employee is guided through each offered benefit and presented with the available options in an understandable way.

Benefits Enrollment screenshot

ACA Tracking

ECCA Payroll+ has the solution to navigate the ACA’s compliance and filing requirements. You can easily monitor your employee’s paid and unpaid hours in determining their full or part-time employment status. With this active tracking, you can quickly establish your employee healthcare eligibility and affordability as well as determine your large employer status.

Benefit Reporting

With your payroll and employee information stored in a single database, ECCA Payroll+ makes it easy to generate the reports you need for your benefit programs. With your HR data accessible, you can produce the necessary census reports for your benefit providers. ECCA Payroll+ also provides key payroll deduction reports designed for premium reconciliation.

The Benefits Stack

ACA tracking

Payroll deductions

Open enrollment

Track employee eligibility

Monitor employee enrollment status

Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation

Personalized employee benefit statements

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