Why us

A direct line to customer care

With a centralized support hub and a direct point of contact, ECCA Payroll+ is uniquely positioned to respond quickly to any customer inquiries, regardless if it’s questions about payroll, taxes, software, or any other matter.

Solutions for your HR challenges

Regardless of the size of your company, the industry you are in, or the state(s) you file with, ECCA Payroll+ has the products you need and the experience necessary to tailor these solutions to solve your HR challenges.


A continually evolving platform

Through close interaction with their customers, ECCA Payroll+ learns more about the HR challenges that different companies face. This knowledge is used to drive software enhancements to ensure it continually meets the needs of today’s businesses.

Streamlined solutions plus personalized support

By talking to current customers and then experiencing firsthand the support that ECCA Payroll+ provides, it’s clear why they have an industry-leading customer retention rate. ECCA Payroll+ perfectly blends modern, streamlined solutions with meaningful, personalized support.