Open Positions


Customer Support Representative

Erie, PA & Alexandria, VA

As a Customer Support Representative, you will be responsible for the primary communication and support to the company’s existing client base. Through your work, you will help develop and maintain a positive, long-term relationship with the clients. You will be responsible for training clients as well as research and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Software Engineer

Erie, PA

ECCA Payroll+ is looking for an innovative, experienced programmer to help build a modern HR application. You will work with the team to build a suite of RESTful APIs that implement business logic to power the software.

Payroll Tax Accounting Specialist

Erie, PA

As a Payroll Tax Accounting Specialist, you will process tax payments and produce payroll tax returns for our clients. You will work closely with both internal departments as well as the clients themselves in helping to answer and resolve any tax-related issues. In addition, you will help build and maintain a positive relationship with the various tax agencies.