A Complete HR Stack

ECCA Payroll+ is a full-stack, HR service provider for companies of all sizes.


Solutions for businesses that employ people.

Payroll + Tax

ECCA Payroll+ simplifies your payroll processing by providing full-service payroll including federal, state, and local tax filing.

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Time + Attendance

With an array of timekeeping solutions, ECCA Payroll+ offers a complete time management system that works seamlessly with your payroll.

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Benefits Administration

By integrating your payroll with a wide range of benefit providers, ECCA Payroll+ reduces your administrative overhead.

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Employee Management

From the initial job posting through retirement, ECCA Payroll+ has a full suite of tools to manage your personnel's employment lifecycle.

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Care for your employees, your most valuable asset

See why ECCA Payroll+ is the preferred choice for organizations in search of an HR stack built for their company with the solutions needed to care for their employees.

Build Your HR Stack Today

ECCA Payroll+ brings together modern, streamlined solutions with meaningful, personalized support. By focusing on your human resource needs rather than just your company size, ECCA Payroll+ can build the HR stack that's the right fit for you.