Time + Attendance


Complete time management working seamlessly with your payroll.

ECCA Payroll+ offers both physical and online timekeeping solutions, giving you a complete time management system that works seamlessly with your payroll. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, ECCA Payroll+ equips you with modern labor management to make your time and attendance administration cost-effective.

Physical Clocks

Based on your timekeeping needs and work environment, ECCA Payroll+ can equip your organization with a variety of time collection devices. From swipe cards to biometric readers and proximity fobs, this wide range of intelligent clocks integrate with your payroll giving you a seamless and flexible time and attendance solution.



ECCA Payroll+ eliminates the complexities of managing your workforce schedule through the use of automated tools and easily created templates. With company defined rules, you’re better able to oversee your workforce and to benefit from automated compliance enforcement.


With ECCA Payroll+, you can mobilize your workforce management by enabling your employees to punch in/out, review timecards, and maintain their schedule from any Internet-enabled device. With GPS and IP verification, you get peace of mind that your employees are where they are scheduled to be.

The Timekeeping Stack

Automate tracking of accruals

Prevent early punches

Punch rounding


Track meals and breaks

Web and physical clocks

Mobile GPS

Shift trade boards

Compliance/Cost constraints

Biometric, PIN, RFID & Magnetic readers

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