An HR stack built for your workforce

For manufacturers, managing their workforce can be a complex task. However, ECCA Payroll+ helps ease that administrative burden. By building your HR Stack with the solutions you need, your focus can remain on your company's production.


Time & Attendance

Use biometric clocks and defined geofences to ensure accurate punches. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, ECCA Payroll+ equips you with modern labor management to make your time and attendance administration cost-effective.


Learning Management

With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can review courses; manage training programs; and track employee progress. The extensive course catalogue enables you to reduce risk while increasing engagement with your employees.



With all your HR information in a unified system, ECCA Payroll+ brings clarity to your personnel picture with easy access to the pivotal data that you need. Maintain key information about employees' licenses, certifications, FMLA, OSHA events, and more.

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Recruit and hire the best talent

To help stay ahead in your industry, make full use of Applicant Tracking to find the best talent for your open positions. The customizable application allows you to filter the best available candidates quickly.

As you hire staff, you can easily welcome new employees without the need for re-entry thanks to the customizable Employee Onboarding solution. You can create different onboarding experiences, depending on the needs of the position.

Build Your HR Stack

Despite having a complex workforce, ECCA Payroll+ can help you build the HR Stack with the solutions you need to care for your employees. By streamlining your HR processes with an easy-to-use platform, your company can remain focused on doing what it does best.

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