The relief you need for your HR challenges

ECCA Payroll+ has experience building the HR Stacks for those in the healthcare industry. With robust labor management and talent recruitment tools, ECCA Payroll+ can help remedy the HR challenges you face.



Simplify your workforce management with an easy-to-use scheduling solution. With drag-and-drop templates, you can quickly create work shifts.


Mobile Location Management

With mobile location management, you become better equipped to manage employees providing at-home care. This enables you to quickly identify any anomalies in travel time, duration at each location, and out-of-bound punches.

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Applicant Tracking

With a growing demand for healthcare workers, take advantage of this streamlined solution to quickly post and fill any open positions. From the company dashboard, you can track each candidate through your own defined workflow.


Care for your employees

By using a Learning Management System, you gain complete training and tracking capabilities to ensure you maintain a safe work environment for your staff. This easy-to-use system has an extensive course catalogue that covers your compliance essentials.

Continue helping your employees' growth with Performance Management. This solution enables your supervisors to work more closely with their team and to help them along in their development.

With ECCA Payroll+, you can create an engaging work environment, one that leads to increased employee retention and development.

Build Your HR Stack

Since serving a vital role in the community, it is imperative that those in the healthcare industry are not burden by repetitive HR tasks. With ECCA Payroll+, you can alleviate your organization from those burdens. Instead, you can remain focused on the people in your care.

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