Modern HR solutions that make the grade

For those in education, ECCA Payroll+ can equip you with the tools you need to help manage your staff. With different employer groups and scheduling requirements, ECCA Payroll+ can provide you the solutions you need to help simplify your human resources.



Simplify your workforce management with an easy-to-use scheduling solution. With the use of scheduling templates, you can quickly create an efficient schedule that meets your business needs.


Employee Self-Service

Increase engagement with your employees by providing them access to their own information using the MyStack app. Further simplify your payroll processing by having your employees enroll in paperless payroll.



Your payroll can be complicated, especially if you must account for different employee groups and union requirements. With ECCA Payroll+, you can manage this complexity while reducing your HR expenses.


Helping you pass the test

To help overcome turnover, Applicant Tracking enables you to find the best talent for your open positions. With customizable job templates and applications, you can find the best available candidates quickly.

As a complement to Applicant Tracking, the Employee Onboarding solution makes it easy to welcome new hires without the need for re-entering data. By taking advantage of electronic onboarding, you are able to provide your new hires with a welcoming experience, thus making a positive first impression.

Build Your HR Stack

By building your HR Stack with ECCA Payroll+, you get the solutions you need to care for your most valuable asset - your employees. With help managing your complex workforce and streamlining many repetitive tasks, you are able to focus on your institution's greater purpose.

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