ECCA Payroll+ Rebrands

News | Nov 25, 2018
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In some ways, this is not quite a new brand for ECCA Payroll+; rather, for the first time in our company’s history, we are formally branding our suite of HR solutions with its own unique logo and vibrant colors.

Our distinguished, 4-letter acronym mark remains the official, corporate logo for ECCA, Inc.

This new logo, meanwhile, becomes the official mark for the ECCA Payroll+ products and services that help businesses who employ people.


Who is ECCA Payroll+?

ECCA Payroll+ is a service provider that offers solutions for payroll and tax; time and attendance; benefit administration; and employee management.


Is there new ownership?

No. ECCA Payroll+ is the same private company that is wholly-owned by Doug Starr; headquartered in Erie, PA; and supported by the same trusted staff that continues to serve its valued clients.

Why the new brand?

ECCA Payroll+ continues to build its reputation as a trusted partner who provides the products and support companies need to care for their employees. For over 40 years, the needs of businesses have evolved and so too have the solutions that ECCA Payroll+ has to offer.

The new ECCA Payroll+ brand reflects the continued evolution of our company and better represents the complete suite of solutions we offer businesses.

What does the logo mean?

The icon literally represents ECCA. However, the way the letters fit together as one cohesive piece symbolizes the ability of ECCA Payroll+ to build the HR stack that’s the right fit for your company.

Each color in the icon is used to represent a specific component of an HR stack - green for payroll; navy blue for employee management; aqua for benefits; and teal for timekeeping.

While payroll has long been the company’s primary offering, the emphasis on the plus sign helps call attention to the additional products and services - beyond just payroll processing - that ECCA Payroll+ offers to complete your own HR stack.