ECCA Payroll+ Software Products are Getting New Names

News | May 6, 2020
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The ECCA Payroll+ software products are getting new names and logos. The company software ReadyPAY Online (RPO) is now Stack+. Meanwhile, the employee site MyReadyPAY is now MyStack.

No more ReadyPAY Online
No more MyReadyPAY

The features you know and rely upon to care for your employees remain the same. The only things that are changing are the names and logos of the products. These new names better align with the ECCA Payroll+ brand and is a further reflection of A Complete HR Stack that we offer.


Exciting Enhancements to MyStack

In addition to a new name and logo, there are some noteworthy new features that are now available in MyStack.

Two-Factor Authentication

While two-factor authentication has been a standard feature of Stack+, it is now an available option in the employee self-service site. This enhancement provides your employees an additional layer of security. For both Stack+ and MyStack, the random, six-digit passcode can be obtained by using an authenticator app (e.g. Google Authenticator), by email, or via text message.


Clock In/Out

Employees can now clock in and out using the MyStack mobile app, provided your organization is signed up for this service. The timekeeping features that are available to your employees within MyStack is dependent upon the ones your organization uses and enables.


Mobile Apps

MyStack is now available as a native app in both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Your employees can install the apps on their iOS and Android devices to view their paycheck, request time-off, clock in/out, and other functionality that is available to them on the mobile site. The features available within the app are dependent upon ones your organization subscribes to and enables for your employees.