2020 Payroll Year End

Year-end Processing

With 2020 coming to a close, the year-end processing begins. Listed below are important deadlines. Please review these dates carefully. Any submissions that occur after the respective deadline may result in additional processing fees and/or penalties assessed by government agencies. You will be responsible for any of these fees/penalties.


W-2 Schedule


Your W-2s will be processed after your final payroll of 2020. To delay this process, submit the year-end packet to place your W-2s on hold.


W-2s will be delivered via your regular payroll delivery method. To have your W-2s delivered in an alternative method, please submit the year-end packet.


Year-end Packet

  • Place W-2 on Hold
  • W-2 Delivery Instructions
  • Third Party Sick Pay Instructions
  • 1099 Processing Instructions

For a copy of the year-end packet, please send a request to ECCA Payroll+ Support. In addition, a link to the year-end packet will be available in Stack+; all the forms can be accessed from there.


Important Dates

Below are key deadlines for the 2020 year-end process. For helpful tips to guide you through this period, check out our blog for essential steps you should take as well as a free year-end checklist you can download.

November 26

  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • ECCA Payroll+ is CLOSED.

November 27

  • ECCA Payroll+ is CLOSED.

December 11

  • Deadline to place W-2s on hold.
  • Fringe benefit taxable wages are due for the following:
    • S-Corp health insurance.
    • Personal use of a company-owned vehicle.
    • Group term life imputed income.
    • Employer HSA.
  • For employers with more than 250 W-2s in the preceding calendar year, they must report the cost of employer-sponsored healthcare.

December 24

  • Christmas Eve.
  • ECCA Payroll+ will close early at 3:00 PM EST.

December 25

  • Christmas Day.
  • ECCA Payroll+ is CLOSED.

December 28

  • Deadline to report the following to ECCA Payroll+:
    • Third Party Sick Pay.
    • 1099 Processing instructions.
  • Any payroll bonus and year-end adjustment runs must be processed.

January 1, 2020

  • New Year's Day.
  • ECCA Payroll+ is CLOSED.

January 31

  • Deadline to provide your employees with their W-2 forms.
    • NOTE: If unable to locate an employee, employers should keep the employee copy of the W-2 for four years.
  • ACA Deadline: Employers must provide employees copies of their 1095-B or 1095-C form by this date.
    • NOTE: In the past, the IRS has extended this deadline by 30 days to March 2.