Benefits Admin

Benefits Admin

ECCA Payroll+ can partner with your benefit broker or trusted advisor to manage your employee benefits in the most effective way. ECCA Payroll+’s Benefits Management feature lets you manage all aspects of employee benefits in one web-based system that connects to carriers and payroll. Key features and benefits include:

  • Connects employees, administrators, carriers and payroll through one central system that can be accessed anytime via the web.
  • Allows employees to complete new hire, open enrollment and qualified events themselves.
  • Lets your employees compare, analyze and check plan costs prior to benefits enrollment.
  • Allows you to easily approve and manage employee benefits, and provides you with powerful reporting capabilities.
  • Benefits data is automatically exported to your carriers.
  • Benefits deductions are automatically sent to the ECCA Payroll+ system.
  • Allows you to reconcile premium bills.
  • Provides state-of-the-art security for your data.

NewBenefitAdministration ICON

  • Gives you and your employees total access to benefits information in real time anywhere via the web on a 24/7 basis.
  • Gives your employees a better understanding of the benefit process and helps them make well informed benefits decisions.
  • Gives your employees a greater appreciation of the value of their benefits package.
  • Reduces the amount of time you spend gathering and entering data.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity, and lowers the cost and workload of open enrollment.
  • Increases communication with your employees and reduces the number of routine benefits questions you must answer.
  • Significantly increases the accuracy of benefits information.

Employee Portal

Employee Portal makes it convenient for your employees to manage their benefits in real time through one central web-based system that they can access from anywhere.

  • Lets employees easily enroll in or change all aspects of their benefits and other HR-related information, and allows them to compare, analyze and check costs prior to benefits enrollment.
  • Allows employees to view plans from different benefit providers, and provides them with a consolidated benefits summary report that includes the coverage they selected and the associated costs.
  • Lets employees view the value of their compensation package with Personalized Total Compensation Statements.
  • Is easily configurable to include the features and content most relevant to your company.