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The latest ReadyPAY Online (RPO) and MyReadyPAY update introduces many exciting improvements to the platform. The UI changes and page refinements are so striking that this update warrants its own name - RPO Primp.

While the aesthetics were improved - refreshed colors, uniform fonts, and consistent icons - this update is more than just a reskin.

Select page layouts were revamped with great care and attention. By further refining commonly used pages, RPO becomes even easier to use for each of our customers.


verb / [primp] /

"To dress or adorn with care."

Current home page Primped home page

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ReadyPAY Online

Home Page

The RPO home page was greatly simplified.

The emphasis was put on the primary tasks and features - such as running payroll or entering a manual check - that a majority of our customers use on a regular basis. Notifications and bookmarked reports were made more accessible.

Recognizing that RPO is more than a payroll platform, the primped home page introduces applicant tracking and employee onboarding sections to bring key HR functionality to the forefront.

ReadyPAY Online

Payroll Entry

The employee pay entry screen was refined with great care.

The new, primped version focuses on the entry functionality. Employee information is still present, only in a cleaner and more accessible way. However, the emphasis is now on payroll entry as this is the primary purpose of the page.

In addition, throughout the payroll process, the check date appears consistently in the upper right portion of the page.

Current payroll entry Primped payroll entry

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Current onboarding Primped onboarding

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Employee Onboarding

The employee onboarding process was modernized with a fresh aesthetic, making it even easier for your hires to begin their new careers.

The navigation bar was relocated vertically along the left side of the screen and given a cleaner appearance. Each step of the onboarding process was refined to ensure that any new hire can complete it with ease.


Employee Home Page

The same aesthetics applied to RPO were carried over to the employee self-service site, MyReadyPAY.

Not all pages have new layouts. As seen with the primped MyReadyPAY home page, many pages simply had the new colors, fonts, and icons updated to give them a cleaner, more pleasing appearance.

Current employee home Primped employee home

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For More Information

If you have any questions or comments regarding the RPO Primp update or for additional information about any components of our Complete HR Stack, please do not hesitate to contact us.