Time + Attendance Made Simple

Time + Attendance

  • 100% real-time, web based
  • Pay rules are applied automatically for overtime, multiple rates, shift, etc.
  • Right fit for small and large companies
  • Multiple options for punch collection
  • Integrated with the payroll system

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Key Features

Plug and Play Time Clocks. We offer a variety of physical time clocks with real-time internet connectivity. Hang it on the wall and plug it in.

  • Biometric: Biometric clocks allow employees to punch in and out using only their fingerprint.
  • Proximity: Proximity clocks are zero-touch. They work with an RFID-embedded time card that the employee simply waves in front of the sensor.

Web clock. If your employees regularly use a PC terminal, allow them to punch in and out directly via their PC.

Mobile Access. If you employ a mobile workforce, give them the flexibility to punch in and out, review schedules, or request time off via a smart phone. Your time keeping system can be set up to allow employees and/or supervisors be required to review and approve punches.

Automatic time card calculation. Are you still adding up hours worked on paper time cards? Our system will automatically calculate hours worked and premium pay.

Labor reports. Understand your labor with real-time reports, including key reports which can be automatically delivered to your supervisors’ inbox each day.

Easy to learn and use. We believe that our timekeeping solution is one of the simplest to learn and use.