All of your information is readily available with nearly 100 standard reports with user customizable options. We also offer multiple report writing tools so that you can generate your own customizable reports and file exports.

Reporting ICON

Pay-As-You-Go Worker Compensation

With ECCA Payroll+ "Pay As You Go" Worker's Compensation service, you get the coverage you need that is based on your actual payroll data, as opposed to an annual estimate. Since the premium is based on actual payroll data and their is no upfront deposit required, you can improve your cash flow with this service option.

To reduce the burden of tracking your worker's compensation payments, the number of premium installments is equal to the number of payroll periods. Unlike a traditional direct bill policy, "Pay-As-You-Go" has no installment fees, which is an additional savings compared to traditional workers compensation plan.

General Ledger Interfaces

Our sophisticated GL system allows for great flexibility in assigning general ledger transactions for your payroll expenses, even supporting multi-segment and very long account codes.  Also, we offer standard exports to popular accounting packages such as Peachtree, QuickBooks, M3 Accounting and others. We can also engineer solutions for in-house proprietary systems.

Retirement Plan Reporting

ECCA Payroll+ has partnered with many retirement service providers to provide seamless data transmission of all contribution and census data.


ACA Reporting

ECCA Payroll+ has solutions to guide you through each area of the ACA to meet
compliance and filing requirements. Our software tools easily allow
for the tracking of paid and unpaid hours to assist in measuring full
and part time employee status to determine large employer status
as well as employee eligibility and affordability.

Learn more about how ECCA Payroll+ can help you with your Affordable Care Act reporting requirements.