Employee Management

Human Resources

ECCA Payroll+ offers a comprehensive HRIS management package that tracks employee events from initial application through retirement. Our complete HR solution streamlines administrative tasks, improves communication, reduces costs, and provides instant reports and analysis.

Our Human Resources System augments our standard database with powerful, flexible, and user-friendly fully-integrated personnel information tracking. Everything you currently track in a spreadsheet or in a file can now be tracked with ECCA Payroll+'s Human Resources Module. ECCA Payroll+'s Human Resources information is literally stored in the same database that your payroll information is stored in. This speeds up the access time to that data and eliminates double entry and potential errors.

EmployeeManagement ICON

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employee data history tracking and change log
  • Employee notifications and alerts
  • Pay grades and steps
  • Employee warnings, disciplinary actions and grievances
  • Employee training and license tracking
  • OSHA Illness and injury tracking
  • Advanced reporting and query capabilities


  • Document, form and file management
  • Expiration and renewal alerts
  • Comprehensive employee demographics
  • FMLA and leave of absence tracking
  • Employee reviews and performance
  • Extensive standard and custom reporting
  • Company issued equipment and assets
  • EEO Reporting
  • Employee insurance and benefit tracking
  • Employee emergency contacts
  • Event Tracking
  • Skill Tracking
  • Position and Job Titles
  • Salary History
  • Previous employment and education

Enhanced HR

ECCA Payroll+ offers a complete and secure web-based Benefit Management System that provides extensive automation of all your benefit administration activities. Our system is a comprehensive and affordable solution and comes standard with numbers features to meet your every need.

  • Benefit Administration can be implemented quickly, and does not require you to invest in any hardware or software.
  • Centralizes all your benefits data into a single system, and gives you powerful reporting/exporting capabilities.
  • Lets your employees enroll in and change their benefits information on their own, reducing the amount of time you spend gathering data.


  • Allows you to manage benefits and all other relevant HR information in one convenient, centralized location.
  • Automatically and electronically delivers benefits information to each carrier and ReadyPAY, eliminating the need to manage multiple forms and manually enter data into multiple systems.
  • Increases the accuracy of your data and significantly reduces the amount of time you spend managing and communicating information.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management makes it possible for you to efficiently track and manage workflows and their associated tasks.

  • Lets you define the necessary tasks involved in workflows, and assigns those tasks to the appropriate employees.
  • Includes a dashboard that allows you to conveniently analyze workflows.

Advanced Reporting

A library of standard reports that makes accessing and analyzing information from within the system simple and convenient for you.

  • Permits reports generated can be printed or exported to a variety of common formats, including Microsoft Excel.
  • Provides configuration tools for exporting specific elements of information from the system on a scheduled basis, allowing for easy integration with other systems.