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Payroll + Tax

ECCA Payroll+ offers a wide variety of solutions to meet all your payroll, tax, timekeeping, and human resource needs. We can assist you with payroll processing, payroll tax administration, HR software, time & attendance solutions, 401k plan and section 125 services, pay-as-you-go workers' compensation services, and employee self-service.

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Employee Management

ECCA Payroll+ offers a comprehensive HRIS management package that tracks employee events from initial application through retirement. Our HR solution streamlines administrative tasks, improves communication, reduces costs, and provides instant reports and analysis. With flexible, user-friendly and fully-integrated personnel information tracking, everything tracked in a spreadsheet can now be tracked with the ECCA Payroll+ human resources solution. 

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Benefits Admin

ECCA Payroll+ can partner with your benefit broker or trusted advisor to manage your employee benefits in the most effective way. ECCA Payroll+’s Benefits Management feature lets you manage all aspects of employee benefits in one web-based system that connects to carriers and payroll.

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Time + Attendance

ECCA Payroll+ offers the latest in Electronic Time and Attendance solutions that increase efficiency in payroll operations by virtually eliminating errors, omissions and fraudulent employee practices. Our time keeping solutions use the latest technology in biometric fingerprint readers, swipe cards, and Web-based time clock management.

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ECCA Payroll + offers a library of standard reports that makes accessing and analyzing information from within the system simple and convenient for you. Generate reports covering time off accrual, retirement plans, labor and job costing needs, union calculations, pay-as-you-go workers compensation, affordable care act tracking and more. Reports can be completely customized to your specifications quickly and easily. 

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